Retaining walls for terrains with steep slopes and ease the cut-outs of surfaces

Build retaining walls for terrains with big slopes and ease the cut-outs of surfaces. We have the right equipment for this kind of work.

Yellow Jacket can also help you to build a retaining wall for terrains with steep slopes.

We can build walls with big retaining walls with high stability, in keeping with the terrain and can do it with low maintenance.

We use the right materials for this kind of work, such as concrete, steel, bricks, stone and cement.


  • Greater aesthetic appeal
  • Better overall use of space
  • Preventing soil erosion or shifting
  • More resourceful use of sloped terrain
  • Increased property values
  • Minimal/limited maintenance
  • Durability (weather resistance)
  • Long-term return on investment


  • Concrete Wall Blocks – cement-based stones
  • Natural Stone – armour, decorative, other available types in unique shapes/sizes
  • Wood – varieties suitable for use in construction/carpentry

Work expertise

  • Privacy walls
  • Raised gardens
  • Entrance columns
  • Multi-level flower beds
  • Driveway borders/curbs
  • Decorative property markers